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Your Property Manager is a very Strong Member of your Team – at every stage of the Property Investing Cycle. We are already set up with the latest property management software solution for your investment. 24/7 online access to your owner portal lets you track tenant service requests, questions and conversations, current rental information, monthly- and year-end reports, and much more …

Spectrum Property Management believes that a good property manager is the key to your success as an Investor or Owner.

When you learn how to use all of your Property Manager’s skills and talents you will see that we are much more than a Manager of your Property. We are the main “Heavy Lifter” on your Team.

We have always recommended that you do not manage your own Properties.

These are the reasons…

1) You are an Investor, not a Property Manager. Being a Real Estate Investor and being a Property Manager are actually two completely different jobs, two different knowledge bases, two different skill sets, and two completely different sets of day-to-day activities. We are licensed and employ attorneys specialized in property management to keep you protected with the latest in the current leasing laws. We deal with any property maintenance hassles, late fees, collections and evictions if ever necessary.

This is a simple question of Focus. You cannot be at your best as a Property Investor if you are distracted by the day-to-day activities of Property Management.

2) Your Property Manager is WAY more than just a Manager of your Property. In many cases, Property Managers are completely underutilized. What most Investors don’t realize are the different ways your Property Manager can impact your business.

  • They are the expert in YOUR property niche, in YOUR market.
  • They can tell you histories about specific properties.
  • They can give you estimates of operating expenses you can reasonably expect as an owner.
  • And… they can perform a huge number of tasks that will improve your decision-making at all stages of the investing cycle.

3) You can afford to outsource to a real Pro. Aside from the added stress and headache, managing your own property can result in more damages and higher turnover costs. Tenants are better screened from our approval process and we follow each property through every step of the lease with the owner and tenant. We are the eyes and ears for your property. One of the major benefits of having a great property manager on your side is they are the muscle of this Team. Lease enforcement, on time payments and collections can be very time intensive and costly to an owner. Let Spectrum Property Management take the burden from you and make your Team stronger.

Here are a few examples of how Spectrum Property Management can bring their expertise to your Team.

Lead Evaluation:

  • We may have actually managed this property before or a comparable property.
  • We may understand the property’s reputation and what made is marketable or not.
  • We will understand operating expenses you can expect, because we already operate similar properties in the same market. This information will help you decide if a property is right for you.
  • We have an understanding of previous sales of similar properties and give you an idea on whether the pricing is right.

In Due Diligence:  As your Property Manager we can perform a site walk-through,

  • an Inspection
  • a Lease Audit if occupied
  • and interview the current management team, owner and tenants

Spectrum Property Management provides these services to you at no charge during Due Diligence for a very good reason… it helps us understand the property from the bottom up, before we are asked to take over management activities. The relationship we build with you in Due Diligence ensures a successful long term working relationship as your Property Manager.  We provide  excellent service in Salt Lake City, Provo and Orem. While you’re an Owner:  Spectrum Property Management creates the “Sense of Community” that maximizes your profit in this investment. We work hard to keep your tenants and you satisfied to ensure a successful long-term relationship.

If you are new to Provo, Orem or Salt Lake City, please give us a call.

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